Experience, complementarity and common objectives

Wikitoki is a private initiative with a public interest and it is not exclusively or directly related to any institution or specific agent. It brings together different people and organisations which have a long trajectory and are representative in their working fields. In Wikitoki we sum up our experiences with the objective of creating synergies and improve our complementarities. Currently, as a result of the working process developed in 2013, the association is composed of the following agents: Amets Aldatzeko, Artaziak, Basurama, ColaBoraBora, Histeria Kolektiboa, Ideatomics, Josune Urrutia Asua, Montera34, Mobiolak, Pezestudio, Shareak, Ttipi studio and Zaramari.

One of our objectives is to increase the number of involved agents so as the diversity of types of organisations and disciplines involved with Wikitoki grow as well. Below are are some of the characteristics and questions to take into account in order to understand the ensemble of agents and our intentions regarding  the expansion and diversification of the group:

  • We are diverse and complementary agents that share collaborative practices as a common thread. We come from different fields mainly related to social innovation, artistic creation and applied creativity.
  • We are different typologies of agents that share common space(s)-project(s)-resource(s).
  • Each agent keeps her specificity, identity-brand and own activity. Our identities – which are autonomous but interdependent -add up  for a common purpose.
  • We think about “who”, “why” and “what for” we want to incorporate a new agent: how will they contribute to the group?
  • We have established a frame of reference for all members that level sets our expectations regarding our shared objectives and co-responsible involvement to develop Wikitoki as a common project.