About Wikitoki

Wikitoki is an open community of professionals who develop projects to transform the lives of people and other species, their relationships, and the environments they inhabit.

We are a meeting place from which we seek the dialogue and the hybridisation of agents and disciplines, to address the complex challenges and transitions that lie ahead.

How we do things unites us, with CO- as a common link (collective, collaborative, cooperative, communitarian…) and with an experimental and transformative spirit.

We have three complementary strategic lines of reflection and work:

  1. WikiLAB, a laboratory of experimentation and systematisation.
  2. WikiKOOP, a portfolio of services to enable change.
  3. WikiSARE, a network of affinity, representation, and dialogue.


A laboratory of co-creation and collaborative practices. Our R&D&I unit, our space for ideation, experimentation, and prototyping. We operate as a learning community and a community of practice. Our research is based on collective intelligence, a mix of diverse
knowledge, and applied creativity. We systematise and share the knowledge created in free and open innovation, so that it is easy to use and adapt, both within the Wikitoki community and externally.


Wikitoki’s portfolio of services to develop projects with clients who also seek to facilitate positive change with their actions. Our offer combines the skills and knowledge of the members of our community. Although each project is different, how we do things is
nourished by participation and co-creation, facilitation and accompaniment, community culture, feminisms, ecology, solidarity, and transformative economy or citizen innovation.


The network of affinity, representation and collective dialogue that allows us to open, diversify and extend the Wikitoki community to other nearby agents with similar or complementary interests. Its members are: people and entities which, without being an active part of the community, maintain a formal link; projects to which we offer support and resources; and other associations or networks we are part of. It is a way to give visibility, articulate, and advocate for the enhancement of collaborative practices and other emerging ways of doing things.

At Wikitoki we manage our work in a collective, co-responsible and transparent way. A sociocratic model that we call Wikikrazia.

  • We share space and resources, cultivate relationships, learn collectively and promote shared
  • We seek to horizontally distribute power, decision-making, and operational work.
  • We care for people, their emotions, and conditions.
  • We look after the needs of personal and collective development.
  • We try not to be in a hurry and enjoy the processes.