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EH kom


EH kom is a non-profit integral cooperative that was born with the aim of deploying and managing open telecommunications networks in the Basque Country, based on a public-community cooperatiom model. Our intention is to interconnect citizens, public institutions and other commnity agents, promoting mutual collaboration, and sharing technological resources and services among all parties.

On the other hand, taking into account the current oligopoly situation in the telecommunications sector, our project has the mission to break away from corporate interests and build a sovereign Basque Country. By providing Basques with their own infrastructure, we seek to eliminate the digital divide that arises as a consequence of socioeconomic inequalities and the center-periphery dichotomy.

In addition, the EH kom initiative is committed to local sovereign development, so we encourage telecommunication networks to be governed by a local and democratic governance model, through popular groups created and trained for that purpose. In fact, we believe that citizens, public institutions and local agents have a lot to say about the projects that are developed in their municipality, and we strongly defend that the road to sovereignty goes through ending dependence on large foreign companies, and building our own locally managed and decentralized infrastructures.

People in Wikitoki that belong to EH kom

Beñat Azkargorta Mintegi

An engineer by training (Master in Telecommunications Engineering (UPV-EHU, Bilbao) and Master of Science of Electrical & Computer Engineering (IIT,

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