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Karraskan Embassy

Embassies are a commitment to strengthening Wikitoki’s network relationships, providing economic and relational resources to make sustainable our involvement in associations that share common aims.

The objectives of the embassies are:

  • To actively participate in management bodies and work groups.
  • To have resources in order to develop joint projects and actions.
  • To transfer learning, protocols and tools developed and tested at Wikitoki to other organisations.
  • To carry out institutional and/or industry advocacy in an articulated manner.
  • To establish relationships between the different bodies that Wikitoki relates to through inter-cooperative projects.


KARRASKAN is the Basque network of creative experiences dedicated to innovation in culture and the culture of innovation. Wikitoki is a member of KARRASKAN, and within the embassy we actively participate in its operation, as well as contributing to working on specific lines.

Wikitoki’s interest in participating in KARRASKAN is mainly due to the following reasons:

  • We have a common transdiciplinary perspective
  • It is comprises agents similar to Wikitoki and those of us who make up Wikitoki.
  • We have common concerns and problems vis à vis the institutional framework, market, visibility, etc.

We promote the KARRASKAN Embassy (Basque network for innovation in culture and the culture of innovation) because it puts us in contact with other agents that work in non-disciplinary ways that involve collaboration and hybridisation in art and cultural practices. It is a tool for collective representation before institutions and other sectoral agents; it contributes to giving visibility to this kind of non-conventional practice; it provides a framework for reflection and collective action projects such as KULTURSISTEMA; and lastly, it allows us to be a part of other international networks such as Culture Action Europe.