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A research project that brings together art organisations from Europe and the Mediterranean to jointly create innovative organisational models and reflect on concrete answers to crucial challenges related to the production, distribution and presentation of contemporary art practices. The idea behind the project is to think of artists and cultural workers as innovation experts, capable of inventing future models for the arts sector.

Teamed up with KARRASKAN and Sarean, Wikitoki has been selected to be one of the participating organisations for line 3. Value of art in social fabric. This group will mostly focus on processual and immaterial aspects, and the production of indirect effects that are often invisible and/or mid- to long-term. These aspects are specific to many art practices, though they are effectively invisible and therefore their value is not perceived, nor is their transformative effect or capacity recognised. Some of the questions driving the research are: How do we encourage an understanding of the value of art within the social fabric, and promote it? How do we better understand the influence of artists and their work on the local, urban or rural context? How do we encourage and support practices that create intangible value for society?

RESHAPE is a project fostered by an association of intermediate art organisations that support the development of the art sector in their countries or regions.

Parallel to the European project, and in order to coordinate the participation of the three local organisations throughout the process, we have activated a work group at local level. This group, comprising one person from Wikitoki, another from Karraskan and another from Sarean, plus other agents from all three networks who are interested in these issues, meets on a monthly basis to share ideas to contribute to the meetings in Europe. The group is also researching these issues in the local context, and is currently developing a project prototype that seeks to generate other links between contemporary art practices and the social fabric.

Reshape Lublin Karraskan Sarean Wikitoki

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