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Sarean Embassy

Embassies are a commitment to strengthening Wikitoki’s network relationships, providing economic and relational resources to make sustainable our involvement in associations that share common aims.

The objectives of the embassies are:

  • To actively participate in management bodies and work groups.
  • To have resources in order to develop joint projects and actions.
  • To transfer learning, protocols and tools developed and tested at Wikitoki to other organisations.
  • To carry out institutional and/or industry advocacy in an articulated manner.
  • To establish relationships between the different bodies that Wikitoki relates to through inter-cooperative projects.


We are members of, and collaborate with, Sarean, an association for the sociocultural revitalisation of Plaza Corazón de María. This project articulates many cultural relations and agents in the district (with Gau Irekia being the most visible project) and makes it easier to engage in coordinated action in our nearest environment. The organisation works towards the transfer and direct application of learning achieved at Wikitoki, and is a key project for the Red de Intercambio de Espacios (RIE).

Weaving collaborative networks in Bilbao’s San Francisco district.

What is Sarean?

  • A community cultural space coordinated by the Espacio Plaza cultural association.
  • It offers participative sociocultural programming (designed by citizens).
  • An experimental and interdisciplinaryleisure space.
  • It seeks to strengthen the cooperation between neighbours, shops and cultural agents.It promotesparticipation and social cohesion with a focus on an intercultural and intergenerational
  • The physical space is municipal (municipal housing) provided through an agreement between Espacio Plaza and Bilbao Ekintza.
  • Bar-restaurant managed by the Garagarri cooperative group, through an agreement with Espacio Plaza.


Why at Sarean?

  • Wikitoki is committed to developing the local territory.
  • To be involved in the social construction of the district, participating in a project with which it shares an affinity as regards content and practices
    • To connect with the (organised and individual) social fabric of the district.
    • To connect with similar projects with which to weave networks and have an impact on the construction of the territory (district).
  • To foster a permanent bond with the association, which leads to other relations hips such as Reshape, residencies…


Our value contribution:

  • Our experience in collaborative processes + work methodology (organisation, meetings, councils).
  • Strategic vision > connection with other realities within and outside the district.
  • Our capacity to mediate as an agent detached from the day to day operations.
  • Contributing to the development of Sarean’s objectives, providing workforce and work capacity.
  • Maintaining the Sarean><Wikitoki
  • Enthusiasm and motivation (very necessary).