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Rubén Méndez


I’m a father to two kids. I have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, a Diploma in Labor Relations, a Master’s Degree in Design Management from UPV/EHU and training in group facilitation from iiface.

I have been part of Ariwake, S. Coop since 2020. Since 2021 I contribute with my energy in the Technical Secretary of The State Working Group for Cooperative Housing in assignment of use in REAS (Red de Redes). Also in the coordination group of Koobizitza.org, a network of projects in La Rioja, Navarra and Euskadi. I am also partner of Ametxe, Koop. Elk. Non-profit housing cooperative in assignment of use in
Gordexola (Bizkaia).

I see myself as a restless and creative person, constantly learning, adapting and reviewing. Engaged in projects and initiatives to transform social citizens, from education to collaborative housing, including the learning of collective processes and personal growth.

Articles, interventions and published materials: “Is there a third way to approach the
housing problem?” (Diario Público, 30/10/2021), “Cooperative housing: a central axis to achieve sustainable development” (El Salto Diario, 30/12/2021), “Cooperative Cohousing lives its “spring”; in the south of Europe”, “REAS Housing in the Social and Solidarity Economy Conference in the Congress of
Madrid” (Video 25/02/2022), “REAS Housing in the Utopias, Dystopias and other nostalgias Congress.
Círculo de Bellas Artes – Casa Europa in Madrid” (Video 28-30/04/2022), “Presentation of Cooperative Housing in transfer of use”, “Graphics of ODS Impacts of Cooperative Housing”.

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Ariwake is a cooperative group that forms, accompanies and facilitates learning processes in five different areas of human development of

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