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On October 2019 in Madrid, REAS (Alternative network of economic and solidarity networks/ Red de redes) held the first meeting where The State Working Group for Cooperative Housing was configured. The common bases of the cooperative housing model in assignment of non-profit use were established. Focusing the efforts on the construction of a collaborative sector, that works in a mutual aid structure, to carry out political-regulatory advocacy and dissemination. The Group is formed by more than 40 people from different territories, these people have worked on projects and technical entities. For a close action applied to the reality of the various territories, this group has a Technical Secretary and a representative
confederal base, where each territory organises its own groups.

On a state level, in addition to the Sectorial d’ habitatge de la XES in Cataluña the Cohabitem platform in the Valencian Community and the Koobizitza network that encompasses La Rioja, Navarra and Euskadi, there are groups close to be configured in REAS Euskadi, Aragon, Madrid, and Galicia.

In addition, since the Forum that was held on November 2022 in Barcelona, a state group of Older Adult Cohousing has been launched to work and specifically influence this model and its needs. The work included facilitating dynamics along the way of work to the group at large.

Video with information of cooperative housing model in assignment of use.

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