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iifac-e, facilitation training

We are a group of professionals working as facilitators. Aware of the difficulties that many collectives are facing, we decided to synthesise what we have learned from our experience in community life and our social activism, and share it. That is how iiface-e (International Institute for Facilitation and Change towards Eldership) was created.

We design training courses to make progress in issues of consensus, decision-making, group processes and emotions. Inquiring, promoting cohesion between people, caring, and nurturing this new role— a new social function which consists in facilitating collective and organisational processes.

In order to broach the different aspects of group processes, we use different techniques and methodologies, which we also apply to the group we belong to as professionals.That is why our group is in a process of constant learning and innovation.

Since 2016 and on an annual basis, the Lakabe facilitation team give the theory and practice training course entitled Atendiendo a procesos colectivos, hosted at Wikitoki. It is designed to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the processes that are carried out in the areas of power, leadership and participation. It also aims to provide an understanding of the processes and dynamics that can facilitate decision-making, communication and the organisation of information in collectives.




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