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Dibujatolrato sin parar

This is an open and self-managed group, comprised of people who share a passion for drawing and relate to one another and the communities in their surroundings via the practice of drawing, in the street and from life.

Wikitoki functions as the base camp that brings together the collective, acting as headquarters. Meetings are usually held in the San Fran district and surroundings. Our group members actively participate in the decisions regarding the group’s development or operation. We develop day by day, growing and organising our needs and wishes.

Web dibujatolrato.com

Instagram dibujatolrato


Associated projects are those that are not related in any structural sense to Wikitoki (they do not participate in its work or decision-making structure) but are related thematically or relationally. These projects may be supported by different Wikitoki resources (financial, spatial, communications, etc.), and may use the space continuously as a meeting point and/or place of reference, providing Wikitoki with a previously agreed fee in exchange.