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Txelu Balboa


I like experiencing life at pedalling speed so that I can enjoy the details of what surrounds me. I have a degree in Fine Arts, a Diploma in Group Coordination and Psychodrama by IEPPP/FEAPS, and a rich ‘learning by doing’ education, participating in many groups, networks and collective projects. If I were to pick just one thing from all these experiences, it would be the chance to do things with other people, as opposed to the incapacity for work of the individual genius; the same patterns repeat themselves in all groups. At ColaBoraBora I design processes, create methodologies, and support and guide groups in their challenges. For me, the exotic nature of things resides in our way of looking at them.

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At ColaBoraBora we work on designing services and facilitating environments and processes of organisational, strategic and social innovation, in a

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