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Sessions of #LoRelacional research group


Once a month, #LoRelacional group meets in Wikitoki. The group is formed by five persons that develop an informal research about the relational aspects of group processes. #LoRelacional started in 2013 as part of a wider frame called Meetcommons: some explorative encounters about collaborative work and open culture.

To the date we have developed and implemented the following items:
1- The manual of “Fundamental Relational Roles when Collaborative processes” http://meetcommons.org/lorelacional/roles-relacionales-fundamentales .
2- “The Structure for Aefective Meetings” http://meetcommons.org/lorelacional/reuniones-aefectivas .

3- Curating of animated gifs as part of the “350×300 px” Artscomming program http://artscoming.com

4- Performative presentation entitled: “Soft Technologies. The Manipulation in group dynamics” inside the congress “¿Me lo dices o te lo cuento? Desbordes de la Academia” of the Red esCTS.

The members of #LoRelacional come from different professions and fields of knowledge: Eider Ayerdi architect, Txelu Balboa (Colaborabora) practitioner of group processes, M’Angel Manovell (dinamik ideas) creative consultant, Saioa Olmo (Ideatomics) artist and Marta Villota expert on landscapes.