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La Porvenir


In La Porvenir we are a net of people compromised with the desire and the action to change the response our society gives to madness and psycho-emotional suffering at public health services, institutions, families, friends, into the streets, at neighbourhoods, schools, mass media, society, art and culture. This our target because the answer which is being given to this issue is individual, biological, medicalized, psychotherapeutic, involuntary, forgetful, vertical, and depolarized, therefore: violent.

Our structure is based on economic redistribution, the basic rent, and the cares of the collective, believing in social justice as the axis of health. La Porvenir supports suffering crisis denying all kind of involuntary admissions and interpellating the immediate surroundings as the key for collective health management. We also collaborate in the transformations of the services and institution’s practices and we help in withdrawal processes from prescribed psychiatric drugs. Furthermore, in La Provenir we generate knowledge and we share it, we dialogue, we are involved in processes of restorative justice, we write in the media, we self-manage publications… La Porvenir -if you want- is you, you in action.

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